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150 Foot Pre-connect

200 Foot Hose Load

150 foot Hotel Pack: Deployment and Load

Modified Minuteman Deployment

Modified Minuteman Bed Load

Quick Attack

Fire Behavior

Ladder Operations

Vertical Ventilation

Station 46 Air Compressor

Packaging and Moving a downed FF

Animated Knots by Grog's


Serving for over twenty-six years, Justin Iverson brings to our department a firm expectation of the need for continuous training on fire tactics, fire ground operations, safety awareness, and team communication. Justin encourages his officers to utilize proven traditional leadership skills, and explore new practices that promote efficient and effective results.Working closely with recruits at the Whatcom County Fire Academy, Drillmaster Iverson gains a unique view of the dynamics required to instruct, mentor and contribute to the growth of eager and inexperienced firefighters.

This is not Division Chief Iverson's first "rodeo", in 2009 Justin served our department for over three years as Chief of Training. It is Justin's goal to extract the positive experiences from his previous time serving, and developing himself, and his peers for the expectations of the future needs of Whatcom County.

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Division Chief of Training Justin

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