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What does a Fire Commissioner do?(includes but is not limited to the following)

The Fire Commissioners of District Seven are elected by registered District voters to serve individual six-year terms on their behalf.

District Seven Fire Commissioners serve as the executive branch of the department, which provides fire protection and EMS services to the residents of the District and the City of Ferndale.

Their duties are limited to legislative and executive management of the District as prescribe under state law. Our Fire Commissioners approve policies, plans and procedures, and all expenditures, which governs and manages the activities of the department. The Board of Fire Commissioners are involved in short and long range planning to meet the goals and objectives for the protection of its residents.

The Fire Commissioners have fiscal duty to the public. They will direct their administrative staff to implement such policies and procedures, which allows for the efficient, safe and financially responsible management of the public's assets and funds.

There is no one set of requirements to become a Washington State Fire Commissioner. Often individuals who have a strong background in the fire service, a business or community leader with an interest in public service volunteer their valuable time in this important position. This elected position is primarily volunteer, however Commissioners are reimbursed a nominal fee, out of pocket and travel expenses as provided by state law.

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Commissioner Mike Murphy
Commissioner Kendra Cristtella
Commissioner Eric Grant