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2016 EMS Levy Summary

In 1990 at the age of 14, Ben Boyko proudly became a citizen of the United States. As a young man he valued his Ukrainian culture and beliefs, and also those of his new home. After college, Ben began a very successful banking career. Proving to himself, and his family that he was dedicated to achieving his very best. Eleven years past, and Ben became a volunteer firefighter/EMT for Whatcom County Fire District Seven. In 2004, Ben accepted a career firefighting offer from retired Fire Chief Gary Russell. Still interested in achieving higher goals, Ben graduated from Paramedic school in 2009. For the following seven years Ben developed his skills, tested, and set his sights on his next goal. In 2016, retired Fire Chief Russell came to Ben once again offering Ben his current position, Division Chief of EMS. No one should ever doubt that Chief Boyko has set his sights on his next goal.

Chief Boyko strongly encourages, and supports you to invest your passion, and dedicate yourself to obtaining your goals. "С терпінням можна копати криницю ложкою". (translated: With patience it is possible to dig a well with a spoon.)

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