Fire Commissioner Meetings Held every second Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm at Station 41. Located at 2020 Washington Street in Ferndale

We would like to congratulate the following personnel for their recent administrative promotion with Whatcom County Fire District Seven

Fire Chief Larry Hoffman

Prior to joining our Ferndale family, Chief mastered his communication and managing skills working for a local plumbing distributor. As with most of our volunteers, Larry Hoffman had the desire to contribute within our community by offering his time as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. After serving three years with our department, retired Fire Chief Gary Russell offered Larry Hoffman his first career fire service position as Training Captain in 1989. In 1997, Larry Hoffman was promoted to Assistant Fire Chief of Operations were he served with distinction for twenty years as Chief Russell's second-in-command.

Over two decades both men grew the once exclusively volunteer department into the current combination department with more than one hundred responders. With the support of his loving wife, Jane and his two boys, Chief Hoffman continues to be a very active participant in our community as a member of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce, fundraising for local charity groups like the Chelsey Ebert Trust, and coaching local youth in baseball.


Assistant Chief Dean Crosswhite

Truly the product of the fire services of Washington State. Dean Crosswhite began his fire experience, and training as a member of Mason County Fire District 2 in 1986. As a Washington State college student he served while attending school. In 1990, Dean began his first step into a career position with South Kitsap Fire. Migrating successfully into the fire services provided by the Department of Natural Resources until 1993. Since 1993, Dean has held multiple positions as a career firefighter and EMT with Whatcom County Fire District Seven. Serving fifteen years as a Shift Lieutenant, eight years as Division Chief of Operations, and recently Assistant Fire Chief.

Assistant Chief Crosswhite embraces the diversities in individuals that contribute to creating strength, unity and safety for the entire department. Dean fosters the positive attributes that our community expects from their firefighters.


Division Chief of Training Justin Iverson

Serving for over twenty-six years, Justin Iverson brings to our department a firm expectation of the need for continuous training on fire tactics, fire ground operations, safety awareness, and team communication. Justin encourages his officers to utilize proven traditional leadership skills, and explore new practices that promote efficient and effective results.Working closely with recruits at the Whatcom County Fire Academy, Drillmaster Iverson gains a unique view of the dynamics required to instruct, mentor and contribute to the growth of eager and inexperienced firefighters.

This is not Division Chief Iverson's first "rodeo", in 2009 Justin served our department for over three years as Chief of Training. It is Justin's goal to extract the positive experiences from his previous time serving, and developing himself, and his peers for the expectations of the future needs of Whatcom County.


Division Chief of Emergency Medical Services Ben Boyko

In 1990 at the age of 14, Ben Boyko proudly became a citizen of the United States. As a young man he valued his Ukrainian culture and beliefs, and also those of his new home. After college, Ben began a very successful banking career. Proving to himself, and his family that he was dedicated to achieving his very best. Eleven years past, and Ben became a volunteer firefighter/EMT for Whatcom County Fire District Seven. In 2004, Ben accepted a career firefighting offer from retired Fire Chief Gary Russell. Still interested in achieving higher goals, Ben graduated from Paramedic school in 2009. For the following seven years Ben developed his skills, tested, and set his sights on his next goal. In 2016, retired Fire Chief Russell came to Ben once again offering Ben his current position, Division Chief of EMS. No one should ever doubt that Chief Boyko has set his sights on his next goal.

Chief Boyko strongly encourages, and supports you to invest your passion, and dedicate yourself to obtaining your goals. "С терпінням можна копати криницю ложкою". (translated: With patience it is possible to dig a well with a spoon.)


Coming together is a beginning...

Keeping together is progress...

Working together is success.

Our Mission

Whatcom County Fire District Seven pledges to provide trained personnel, apparatus, equipment and facilities to meet the publics request for fire, emergency medical services, hazardous materials and disaster response, and to promote fire prevention, safety, medical education and enforcement of life safety codes.

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